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Hi, I am Kate Somerset and it’s so great to find you here!

My book MomYou Just Need to Get Laid: The Adventures of Dating After Divorce is fifteen tales of my dating life in New York City. Honestly, writing this book would never have occurred to me if my girlfriends hadn’t insisted. Over a Sunday brunch in Union Square, I was regaling them with stories about men I met since recently moving to New York from Texas.

“You’ve got to write a book,” they urged between laughter and sips of mimosas. “Nobody would believe your crazy experiences!”

So, yes, my aim is to entertain you. The stories are all true, reconstructed from text chains and phone conversations, and of course, in-person dates. The men’s names are changed, but not what they do. You’ll get to know how I met them and what happened next.

If you are single, divorced, widowed, or even married, this book is for your enjoyment.

If you are in a position to date, I hope my adventures will energize and empower you to take charge of your own destiny. It’s not as frightening as you might think. You just have to take the first step and believe in yourself.


In a world craving human connection, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. Reading it invites a rollercoaster of emotions – laughter, surprise, delight, shock, joy, and hope. In a unique telling of fifteen one-of-a-kind dating experiences, the irrepressible Kate Somerset teaches life lessons on a brave journey to find herself in New York City. This isn’t just a book about dating, it’s about having a possibility mindset in life. No matter your own circumstance, you’ll be inspired to get out of your comfort zone, believe in yourself, and embrace the future.”

—Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

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