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Praise for the book

What you can do for me!

As every author knows, reviews mean everything. When (not if!)  you read my book, please consider writing a review on Amazon. Your review will help Amazon's algorithm move the book in front of other potential readers.


Writing a review takes five minutes. Give the book a star rating, write a title for your review, write as much or as little as you like, and hit submit. That's it! I will be forever in your debt.

Here are some of my favorite reviews:


The real Snoop Dog, who reviews books for treats!


The NYC chiropractor who keeps Kate healthy!


Laura Patinkin, my audiobook narrator extraordinaire!


"This book is delightful and full of great dating ideas... I am completely taken with Kate Somerset and her ability to manage five online dating sites and the various opportunities they provided. Her tenacity, sense of humor, spontaneity, quick wit, and authentic nature is endearing…The clever ways Kate engages men is insightful. She thoughtfully prepared for each date and gave every man her full attention. This book has great dating ideas to spice up your life.”

"True stories of online dating at midlife that are at once amusing and instructive... At long last! One woman’s true story of getting back on her feet at mid-life, taking charge of her love life, and playing the online dating lotto in New York City! This is an engaging read that allows you to be a “fly on the wall." Kate’s stories range from heartwarming to heartbreaking. With genuine honestly and vulnerability, she paints a balanced picture of what it means to put yourself out there and roll the dice.”

"Great guide (and inspiration) for the newly single woman...This was a wonderful book to read. The author is highly relatable, writes with a snappy, easy to enjoy prose style, and doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the tribulations of dating life (for a mature woman) in a big city. I appreciated the differences in all the men featured in each chapter, and how she learned more about herself while getting to know each one.”

"Couldn’t put it down... I just devoured the entire book. It was such an enjoyable read! Every story was better than the last and proves faction is better than fiction. Kate is a classy lady and an inspiration! Thank you for having the courage to share your adventures with the world.

"You had me at… A fantastic book! Such amazing stories told with class, style, and passion…Kate is a modern storyteller. She lets you behind the curtain to actually feel how these stories must have felt to her in real-time. I laughed, I cried and I know that Kate is a woman to know and to cherish.

"New to dating today? You’ll want Kate Somerset as your guide... If you want to take an entertaining and enlightening trip through the world of contemporary dating, you couldn’t have a better guide than Kate Somerset. Journey with her as she meets 15 different men through apps and accidents and learns some new skills you can use yourself. As she says: “Anyone can be Kate Somerset. All it takes is the right mindset.” Spend some time with Kate and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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