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How the book got its name

Several years ago, I had no plans to write this book. But once I began dating and realized my stories could be relatable to you, I decided to share some of the best ones. 

But what to call the book? Then I remembered my teenage daughter issuing a proclamation to me late one night in Texas. At the time, I was separated and on autopilot. Her sassy comment landed as a shock! Now, it’s the title of the book. 

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Spoiler alert: I did make my daughter a promise which ended up coming true!

Get to know Kate

Date Like Kate Top 10 Guide

Kate Somerset is my pen name, but the stories you’ll read in my book are true. When I ended a long marriage in Texas three years ago, I decided to pick up stakes and take a chance on a second chapter in Manhattan. It was challenging and scary in every way – financially, professionally, and socially. 

As it turns out, my move to New York was the best decision I could have ever made. It stretched me, taught me to trust myself, and gave me the confidence to embark on a new dating life. I learned there are fantastic surprises waiting to happen if you open your mind and heart to the possibilities.

I have built a new community, discovered new foods, learned to live in a high-rise building, and even braved driving in Manhattan during rush hour. I adapted my wardrobe (including buying a much warmer coat!), and realized I didn’t have to hide my slightly Southern accent. Everyone loves it!

Dating in mid-life is exciting, with unexpected adventures at every turn. I am grateful for every connection I have made and will make. In many ways, I am just like you. We are all learning from the past and charting a new course every day. 

Why you should read the book

In a time when we all are missing connecting in person, my book will give you a glimpse into life before the pandemic. I believe it won’t be long before life returns to a new normal. 

In the meantime, I hope my stories not only entertain you. I want you to be inspired. If it worked for me to dig deep and summon the courage to put myself out there, it can work for you. 

I believe that with the right mindset, anyone can be Kate Somerset. No matter how tentative you feel about dating (again), having an attitude of abundance will give you courage. Believing in possibilities releases the fear and gives you permission to be yourself.

My daughter knew that before I did. And now I do too.

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